10+ Insights on the Future of Financial Marketing

Speaker E-Book Parts 1 & 2

Technology is reshaping the way we handle our finances. The fintech industry is evolving at rapid speeds. But keeping up is the key to moving your business into the future. Adopting cutting edge tactics, maximizing digital ROI and increasing your omni-channel presence is what will keep you ahead of the curve. Read about what our DMFS West speakers are working on for 2017 and the value they place in the future of financial services marketing. See answers to:

  • Only 37% of consumers see their primary financial institution as a trusted partner. What role will digital marketing play in changing this and what is the future of financial marketing?
  • According to other industries, where according to you does Financial Services Marketing lag the most?
  • Digital customer experience is crucial in today‚Äôs competitive
    landscape. Where does the accountability for DCX lie
    within your organization, and what does exceptional CX look
    like to you?
  • Fintech: friend or foe?

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Who buys a new shirt and talks about how great the credit card was that they used to purchase it? We have to find our own unique way to be a meaningful experience.

Emily Friesen, SVP Strategic Marketing, Arrowhead Credit Union