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2019 Agenda

February 22, 2018
  • 7:30 AM
  • 4:20 PM
    Cocktail Reception
  • 8:30 AM
    Opening Comments from the Chair
  • 8:45 AM
    Keynote: The Future of Marketing in the Financial Services Stay on Top of the Latest Innovations to Maintain and Grow Clients

    AI, voice search, robo-advisors, and other technological innovations are transforming the way people interact with financial institutions. Financial brands that embrace these changes will thrive. Develop a strategy to ensure your institution is a technological leader. Source insights on:

    • Identifying the latest trends in marketing and financial services
    • Knowing when to be an early adopter of technology
    • Gaining internal support for innovative projects

    Ensure your institution is leading in leveraging technology for marketing.

  • 9:30 AM
    Case Study: Power of Social Advertising to create Customer Communities
    Tap into the Power of Social Advertising, Engagement and Storytelling

    Engage your customers to be your brand representatives by choosing the right customer stories to feature. Reach millennials with integrated digital and CX campaigns that tap into authentic customer communities. Develop tools to:

    • Empower your customers to be brand representatives
    • Build Customer Communities around your brand
    • Augment your presence in Social through customer stories

    Build relationships with customers to make the most of your marketing budget.

  • 10:00 AM
    Case study
    Mobilizing your Employees as Brand Ambassadors

    With users consistently sourcing and relying on user experience to engage with new services and products, you must feature the content and the users that will grow their trust. Drive your digital and mobile strategy through the personal touch and credibility of your employees as ambassadors of your brand and services. Create a roadmap to:

    • Empowering your employees’ authentic voice
    • Partnering with the experts at your organization to drive marketing efforts
    • Growing your user base through content and channels they trust

    Empower your employees as front-of-line experts and users to drive customer engagement

  • 10:30 AM
    Morning Break
  • 11:00 AM
    Industry Expert
    Social Media Brand to Drive Sales

    Expand your audience and ensure the continuous growth of revenue with social as a one-to-one touch-point. Hear how social media can allow your organization to engage and secure customer investment. Develop tools to:

    • Curate content to empower and educate consum
    • Build emotional connections to boost the sales cycle
    • Improve advertising and profiling

    Build your digital relationships with customers to ensure the impactful growth of your sales revenue.

  • 11:30 AM
    Case Study
    Drive Growth and Engagement with Digital Asset Offerings
    Jessie Syzmanski
    Chief of Staff, Investor Group at LendingClub

    Digital tools and platforms excel at enhancing the reach and effectiveness of new asset classes, and increasing adoption rates makes it doubly important to build trust and deliver timely content. Cut through the noise and gain practical tips on:

    • Establishing the value proposition of a new kinds of assets
    • Diversifying your investor base
    • Build long-term relationships by matching your customers with value

    Implement winning strategies used by first-mover disruptors.

  • 12:00 PM
    Industry Expert
    Innovate with an AI-Powered Enterprise

    Despite its potential, Artificial Intelligence can still be very elusive in the Financial and Insurance services space. Apply cutting-edge algorithms to a unique to a unique combination of email, social media, alternative and first-party data to personalize and optimize engagements. Learn how to:

    • Increase market effectiveness and client prospecting
    • Enhance customer experience
    • Overcome the initial challenges and leverage AI to drive business objectives

    Implement AI solutions to personalize your communications and optimize engagement

  • 12:30 PM
    Networking Lunch
  • 1:30 PM
    Case Study: Best Practices for your Digital Marketing Analytics
    Develop Best Practices for your Data Analytics
    Michael Fenech
    Global Social Content & Strategy, Western Union

    Financial institutions are familiar with analytics, while Digital Marketing is emerging in their use of analytics for customer growth. Yet, practices keep evolving. Fortify the impact of your data analytics for marketing with state-of-the-art practices. Create a roadmap to:

    • Leverage data and establish your strategic objectives
    • Strategize on the prioritization of large amounts of collected data
    • Ensure the impact of your analytics on the success of marketing growth

    Source best practices to refine your analytics for digital marketing

  • 2:00 PM
    Case Study: Robo Advisors
    Using Robo Advisors to Better Serve Clients

    Robo advisors constitute an opportunity to make investing more accessible to more people. These services break down many of the common barriers to getting people invested. They represent a growth opportunity for your financial business models. Discover the benefits of robo investing technology:

    • Helping firms grow by simplifying investing
    • Creating a more efficient and scalable portfolio management model
    • Combing technology and relationships to meet a client’s needs

    Embrace robo advising technology to bring clients to your institution.

  • 2:30 PM
    Afternoon Break
  • 3:00 PM
    Case Study
    End-to-End Digital Experiences that Activate your Salesforce
    Menekse Gencer
    SVP, Digital Transformation, Wells Fargo

    Digital experiences have changed the role of financial sales teams to focus even more on building strong relationships, supplemented by digital assets. The right mix of blended technological support can support the “bionic banker” as digital transactions provide opportunities for relationship-driven customer management. Discover how you can:

    • Retain valuable clients with the right mix of digital and face-to-face touchpoints
    • Create the right menu of assets & experiences to drive sales across the customer journey
    • Decrease your marketing costs with a just-in-time approach

    Discover the digital techniques that drive sales results.

  • 4:15 PM
    Conference Adjourns to Day 2
February 22, 2018
February 23, 2018
  • 7:30 AM
  • 8:30 AM
    Opening Comments from the Chair
  • 8:45 AM
    Keynote: Connecting Millennials
    Develop and Establish Better Digital Engagement Strategies

    Millennials are the single largest group of financial consumers in America, but for many financial institutions, they remain elusive. Create a plan to grow your millennial clients. Gain insights into:

    • Reaching millennials through the channels they respond to
    • Understanding millennial needs and catering to them
    • Developing a brand millennials trust

    Create a financial brand that millennials love to win over the next generation of financial consumers.

  • 9:30 AM
    Embrace the latest Trends to Enhance your Marketing Strategy
    Edd Uzzell
    VP of Social Marketing, City National Bank

    What’s working in digital marketing today? Grasp how leaders are implementing the latest trends to enhance the marketing campaigns and to best convert customers. Source insights on:

    • Metrics, analytics and performance of digital channels
    • Digital media buying best practices
    • Brand safety and integrated marketing strategy

    Discover best practices from to build your marketing strategy.

  • 10:15 AM
    Industry Expert
    Automate Marketing to Ensure Effectiveness

    Financial services marketers face a thousand new challenges in this increasingly digital world. Embrace automation to optimise your marketing efforts and increase revenue without adding to your headcount. Source practical tips to:

    • Maintain brand consistency in all client communications
    • Automate and personalise client touches without going overboard in your automation
    • Empower brokers/advisors with templated emails and campaigns

    Leverage automation technology to increase your marketing effectiveness

  • 10:45 AM
    Morning Break
  • 11:15 AM
    Case study
    Content Marketing to Drive Engagement and Trust
    Tim Rickards
    Marketing Director, Charles Schwab

    Today, all marketing is content marketing. Can you leverage content you do not own and turn it into an advantage? Use new technology to match content to customers in digital, personalized micro-moments. Drive engagement and adoption by creating an managing a segment-focused engagement plan. Source insights on:

    • How to understand the characteristics, the wants and the needs of your target audience
    • Strategize on the right message and content to inspire audiences to engage and become customers
    • Ways in which financial marketers can determine if content is resonating with their audience

    Create a content plan that will engage your audience and drive adoption.

  • 11:45 AM
    Case study: Podcasts & Video Marketing
    Maximize Long-Term Engagement and Drive Growth through Podcasts
    Tamar Dorsey
    Editorial Director , Charles Schwab

    Video may be the medium of the future, but it’s not the only rich format that drives results. Content marketing strategies that use engaging audio content can reach users on their commute, in the gym, and many other places video isn’t suited. Source practical tips to:

    • Determine KPIs for integrated campaigns including audio content
    • Making the most of highly-engaged subscribers
    • Optimize your audio content for top- and mid-funnel results

    Sustain customer engagement with audio storytelling to attract new business.

  • 12:15 PM
    Networking Lunch
  • 1:15 PM
    Case study
    B2B Digital Marketing to Modernize a 100-Year Old Brand
    Jeff Fenigstein
    Vice President of Marketing and Sales Operations, Woodruff Sawyer

    What works for retail financial services won’t necessarily work for B2B institutions. The challenge is to determine the tools needed to enact a digital sales & marketing strategy that works for your audience. In a sales-driven company, how can Marketing get a seat at the table and bring a 100-year-old firm up-to-date on the latest in digital marketing and sales enablement? In this fast-moving session, you’ll learn how to:

    • Get executive buy-in for building essential marketing infrastructure & drive results
    • Develop a plan for B2B marketing team transformation and acceleration
    • Uncover hidden barriers to organizational change

    Win over B2B customers with relevant digital marketing.

  • 1:45 PM
    Industry Expert: Social Listening Strategy
    How Listening to Social Media Conversations Can Inform your Business Strategy and More

    It has been said many times, but the key to being a great conversationalist is to be a good listener. The same holds true when it comes to social media and the various ways in which we communicate with consumers each day. Build an information network at your organization where social listening influences:

    • Content strategy
    • Product development and sales
    • Overall business decisions and so much more

    Inform your overall business strategy with your social listening strategy.

  • 2:15 PM
    Afternoon Break
  • 2:45 PM
    Case study
    Mobilification of your Digital Marketing

    Mobile is the new standard. Explore optimal ways to build awareness, engagement and retention for your smartphone-connected target audience. Source practical tips from best practice brand examples in financial services to:

    • Sync mobile advertising with other elements of the marketing mix
    • Achieve an action plan to improve your current smartphone strategy
    • Make the transition to mobile first

    Adopt a mobile-first approach to give your customers the experience they want.

  • 3:15 PM
    Case Study
    Hyper-targeted Content to Drive Growth

    Offer targeted advertising to your clients based on niche values and user-generated activities. To succeed in today’s market, you must ensure you are sharing ‘value-added’ content to respond to consumer demands, and speaking to your audience authentically. Make the most of every moment and grasp how to:

    • Maximize conversion through diversified contact channels and targeted content
    • Increase NPS by addressing client concerns directly in your content
    • Add value to marketing communications tied to client interests

    Analyze users’ daily routines to identify the key moments to reach them and address their needs.

February 23, 2018

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